Flexible Plant



There are few masters more demanding than the detergent industry when it comes to "wanting it now". Test markets turn into national campaigns, which then roll out to one country after another - and then demand suddenly switches off! What used to be two yearly reformulating has now become six monthly.

By selecting the right sized equipment, process room and warehouse, we can match your demand to a dedicated area and keep the costs down.

We’re used to rapid change. After 20 years in the business, we’re not fazed by it any more - it’s our life.

An 'Our Granule Factory' unit can be set up to process from 1,000 tonnes per year upwards. With very little notice, capacity can be increased or reduced, new processes can be set up, and new chemicals can be processed. 

'Our Granule Factory's' team have been solving customers’ granulation problems for many years. 'Our Granule Factory' staff are multi trained in the use of all granulation equipment, and in selecting the best equipment for every process. 

These are just a few examples of how we give careful thought to your needs and how we build up a cost effective plant

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Your dedicated factory unit will be sized to your job. Our units, including dedicated warehousing space, vary in size from 200m˛ to 700m˛.

The process equipment also varies according to your need, as these 4 compactors demonstrate. the sieves will be matched to your throughput, as well as to the specific nature of your product. They could be flat sieves or turbo sieves, both with a choice of 3 sizes.

If you want to change the density, porosity or dispersability of your agglomerates then that is no problem either. We have three processors to shape your granule and we can introduce a densifying stage when necessary.



For further information on ‘HOW TO KEEP ABREAST OF THE LATEST PROCESSES’ click here